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Public Lodging Facilities

Noto Omakidai

This public inn is located on the shore overlooking Nanao Bay.
The oyster dishes, available only in winter, are very popular.

Address: Ibu 55 Omaki, Nakajima-machi, Nanao City
Phone: 0767-66-1121
Hours: Check-in 15:00, check-out 10:00
Rates: Japanese-style room from 6,300 yen per person (adult), Western-style room 5,775 yen per person (adult),
           evening meal from 2,100 yen, breakfast from 1,050 yen
Parking: 55 spaces
Access: About 10 minutes by car from the Noto Yuryo (Noto Toll Road) Yokota Interchange

■This inn prides itself on its natural onsen and Noto ingredients
The affordable prices of this local government-run inn mean that anyone can afford to stay here. It's located on an elevated area in the Noto Peninsula Quasi-National Park, and on a clear day you can see the Tateyama mountain range in the distance. The lookout deck at the back of the lobby is the perfect place to look at Nanao Bay. The sunrise from here is spectacular. All guest rooms have an ocean view. In addition to Japanese-style rooms and Western-style rooms with twin beds, there are deluxe suites with a bedroom and an attached tatami room. (for 2 or more people only)
The main appeal is the natural onsen in the building. Enjoy the hot water, slippery to the touch, in the large public bath and the outdoor bath, which has a great view. Guests of the inn can descend to the beach, use the onsen (Iyashi no Yu) in the annex for free. It's about a five-minute walk along the promenade. The evening meal is a multi-course meal prepared using ingredients from Noto's ocean and mountains. From November to March, the Nakajima special oyster roast course, at 4,200 yen per person, is highly recommended.


Noto Monzen Family Inn View Sunset

The futuristic architectural style of this hotel draws the eye.
Drop by the adjacent building and immerse yourself in the onsen there.

Address: 29-58 Sendai, Monzen-machi, Wajima City
Phone: 0768-42-2050
Website: http://www12.ocn.ne.jp/~view-sun/
Hours: Check-in 15:00, check-out 10:00
Rates: 1 night (with 2 meals) Japanese-style room from 11,700yen, Western-style room from 12,225  
           yen (based on double occupancy)
           1 night (with breakfast) Japanese-style room from 6,450 yen, 1 night (without meals)
           Japanese-style room from 5,400 yen (limited to Internet reservation for weekdays)
Parking: 100 spaces
Access: About 20 minutes by car from the Noto Yuryo (Noto Toll Road) Anamizu Interchange
■Relax in an onsen while watching the setting sun
This futuristic building is a landmark, and is located on high ground, where you have a panoramic view of the Sea of Japan. As the name suggests, you'll have a beautiful view of the setting sun from this hotel, either from the viewing platform or the viewing corridor called the Pedestrian Deck. Like the building, which is meant to represent the Mandala, each guest room has a unique design. Select from a Japanese room that makes clever use of straight and curved lines for a modern look, a Japanese Western style room that is simple but still gives the essence of Japan, and a detached cottage that can accommodate up to 7 people.
The next-door Monzen Jin-nobi no Yu is an onsen with water that contains a lot of radon. It's built on a high spot to provide a great view of the Sea of Japan, so you can relax in the outdoor bath while watching the setting sun or the lights of night fishermen. Let the hot water an dramatic scenery wash away the weariness of travel.

Japanese western style room
Japanese western style room
  Large public bath
Large public bath
  Outdoor bath
Outdoor bath