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Suzu Beach Hotel

All rooms in this magnificently located hotel have ocean views.
There is a heated pool, and Internet access is available.

Address: 1-2-480 Takojima-machi, Suzu City
Phone: 0768-82-7000
Website: http://www.suzu-beachhotel.jp/index.php
Hours: Check-in 15:00, Check-out 11:00
Rates: Beginning at 10,500 yen for Japanese and Western-style rooms, with breakfast (Price per person for double occupancy)
Parking: Available
Access: About 50 minutes by car from the Noetsu Expressway Noto Airport Interchange
■A fully equipped classic resort hotel
A wonderful view of the beautiful deep blue Sea of Japan is available from the windows in every room. If the weather permits, you might even be lucky enough to see the Tateyama mountain range in Toyama prefecture. Hachigasaki Beach is nearby, and we recommend that you take the time to relax and spend time in these natural surroundings, enjoying the breeze and the sounds - things you can't usually do in your busy life.
Both breakfast and dinner are available in our in-house restaurant, the Camellia. The menu is overflowing with Suzu-style dishes made from fresh local ingredients.
Most rooms come with twin beds, but for those who want to enjoy the feel of Japan, Japanese-style rooms are also available. Internet access is possible. A fitness gym overlooking the sea is located inside the hotel, and there is also a 25m heated pool and Jacuzzi. Our goal is to provide what you need to meet your travel goals and desires. For a true resort hotel at the tip of the Noto Peninsula, look no further than the Suzu Beach Hotel!



KAGAYA has been ranked No. 1 for 30 consecutive years on the "Pros Select Japan's Best 100 Hotels and Ryokan" list.
It's the one place everyone wants to stay.

Address: Yo-80, Wakura-machi, Nanao City
Phone: 0767-62-1111
Website: http://www.kagaya.co.jp/en/
Check-in: 15:00  Check-out: 11:00
Rate: 1 night (includes 2 meals) from 22,200 yen
Parking: Available
Access: About 10 minutes from the Noetsu Expressway Wakura Interchange
Based on votes by travel agencies across Japan, the judges in the "Pros Select Japan's Best 100 Hotels and Ryokan" poll have chosen Kagaya as the top ryokan. The ranking is based on scores in four categories - hospitality, food, facilities, and design. In addition to individual categories, the overall ranking is also determined. For 30 years, Kagaya has held the overall top position, making it Japan's No. 1 place to stay.
In the lobby, artworks such as Kutani porcelain and Wajima lacquer ware by some of Ishikawa prefecture's best artisans are on display. It's very much like being in a museum. The perfection of the facilities, including the Matsuri Koya, a room where performances are staged, and the aesthetic salon with its Zen motif, makes it hard for visitors to say goodbye to this ryokan.
The meals make plentiful use of the sea's seasonal bounty, while great care is given to the presentation, from the dishes used to the arrangement of food on the dishes. Even the timing of the meals is calculated. Everything, from the large public bath with its carefully arranged view of the sea to the yukata (light cotton robes) delivered to your room after check-in in just the right size, provide you with a true feeling of hospitality.



At this inn, enjoy the beautiful view while eating delicious meals and relaxing in the onsen.

Address: 3-29 Okuhara-machi, Nanao City
Phone: 0767-62-3434
Website: http://www.tadaya.net/
Hours: Check-in 15:00, Check-out 10:00
Rates: 1 night (with 2 meals) from 15,900 yen
Parking: Available
Access: About 7 minutes by car from the Noetsu Expressway Wakura Interchange

■Rooms, meals, onsen – there are many ways to enjoy yourself 
This quiet, secluded inn lies in the back of Wakura Onsen Street. Located on the spine of a low hill, it looks out over Nanao Bay, and the beauty of the scenery deserves special mention. If you're very lucky, you'll be able to see a wondrous scene – the surface of the sea dyed crimson by the setting sun.
In addition to regular rooms, there are several special rooms – a sukiya (tea ceremony arbor) style room, a room that blends Japanese and Western styles, a room with its own outside bath, a room with a tea room attached, a room with a Japanese-style hearth, and one with a veranda you can fish from. Select the one that suits your taste and travel goals. The meals stress quality over quantity, and the ingredients are carefully scrutinized before use. The dishes and the arrangement of the food are also carefully planned, and you'll enjoy your meal with your eyes as well as your taste buds. You won't be able to stop talking about it!
The selection of baths is also luxurious, from the huge great bath and the outside bath, which allows you to feel at one with the ocean, to the hinoki cypress bath and the ceramic bath. The wide variety of onsen is sure to satisfy you.

VIP room  Rikyu
VIP room Rikyu
  Guest room with outdoor bath  Hogetsu
Guest room with outdoor bath Hogetsu
  Image of the food
Image of the food

Kaiyu Noto no Sho

Famed for its Japanese-style space and onsen water that's slippery to the touch

Address: 72 Tsurugaike, Ohno-machi, Wajima City
Phone: 0768-22-0213
Website: http://www.notonosho.co.jp/
Rates: 1 night (with 2 meals) from 25,350 yen
Parking: Available
Access: About 30 minutes by car from the Noetsu Expressway Noto Airport Interchange
■This tatami-matted inn feels great to bare feet
This inn is located so that the Sea of Japan is right in front of your eyes. From the windows of each guest room and the windows all over the inn you can see the ever-changing faces of the sea. The interior of the inn is decorated on the theme of "The harmony of lacquer, washi Japanese paper, and tatami mats," and all of the floors, including in the lobby and corridors, is covered in tatami mats. The wonderful fragrance of the tatami mats is everywhere, and the decorations are lacquer ware, washi and the flowers of the season. The space is truly a harmonious and peaceful one.
The onsen is fed by a natural hot spring, the waters of which are said to heal the wounds of wild boars that bathe in them. The onsen is popular for its healing properties, leaving skin looking beautiful and feeling soft and silky.
The evening meal is a choice between Kaiseki cuisine (dainty and refined Japanese dishes) or Robatayaki cuisine(grilled bounty of the sea and mountains). Eating food prepared from Noto ingredients on Wajima lacquer ware dishes offers a true taste of the local hospitality.


Flatt’s By The Sea Guesthouse

Staying at this minshuku (guesthouse) feels just like being invited into a private home in Noto. The evening meal is Italian cuisine prepared by the Australian owner, using fresh local ingredients.

Address: 20-95-2 Hanami, Noto-cho, Hosu-gun, Ishikawa
PrefecturePhone: 0768-62-1900
Website: http://www.flatts.jp/english.html
Rate: 1 night (with 2 meals) from 8,500 yen per adult
Parking: 10 spaces
Access: About 40 minutes by car from the Noto Yuryo (Noto Toll Road) Anamizu Interchange
■Noto Italian in a Japanese Home Setting
Unlike hotels or ryokan, minshuku are located in private houses, and provide more of the experience of staying in an ordinary home. Flatt’s By The Sea is a small minshuku, with only three rooms available each day. In 1997, a husband and wife team (she was born and raised in Noto, he’s from Australia) bought an abandoned former minshuku, set in an old Japanese home, and reopened it for business.
Flatt’s claim to fame is its delicious Italian cuisine, prepared with skill by Ben, the male half of the team. He uses fresh Noto seafood and a local traditional fish sauce to create an original style. Enjoy Noto Italian while sitting in a tatami room and listening to jazz music. Each day’s cuisine is determined by the fish caught that morning and the seasonal vegetables available, so it’s essentially chef’s choice.
You’re welcome to come for just a meal as well, but because each meal is hand-prepared using the day’s ingredients, reservations are required by the day before. For a light meal, we recommend Flatt’s Bakery & Café on the premises, where you can buy freshly baked bread.